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confused ):
its been long. reaally long.
All because I still believe, because I value You. ...
chinese new year :0

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23 April 2011
hello~ ♥ 3:07 AM

Searching for my prince
Searching for my prince by JOiiiee on Polyvore.com

pretty photo i saw on the net! super nice formed by many photos tgt. so awesome!!

14 April 2011
confused ): ♥ 3:33 AM

nowadays. so many things fill my mind everyday.
like what course should i apply for SIM, the most ANNOYIN thing EVER!!!
super sian LAH! but nvm i have gotten over being sian already.
tomorrow go SIM with sis to apply! yay somebody go with me! my dear annoying sisterrrr.
hahahah, as least she nice enough pei me. although im a total idiot to her most times.
HEHE. lovelove ^^

think im gonna take business. apply for business. i dont see SIM as my school.
wanna visualize NTU/NUS/SMU as the schools im going into. gogogo! really pray to get in local u!
was talking to yueze,
he tell me must think about what i really want.
so.... im gonna take time to think!
and also take time to pray abt it!
haha i so miss talking to him like that! so long le. hahaha
he is one of the people who will knock sense into me.
the best cgl. hahahah :):):)

so many things! over the last few weeks,
few people come talk to me about this particular issue. (you should know if you're close to me/just like to kaypo hahaha)
i dunno how to react.
should i be happy? Lol.
really dunno whats going on in my head/heart too.
Ask God for revelation. hahahah.

haha ok lah at least now abit more peaceful. (in my heart/soul/spirit)
not so annoyed/frustrated/crazily messed up.
hahaha alright starting to talk nonsense alr.
okayz tiredzzzzzzz
taking games with elisabeth on friday. pray that it will be good!

haha nights :)

17 March 2011
;) ♥ 2:45 AM

helloooo ^^
its been dinosaur eggs years since i came here!
hahaah. recently, my life has been good :) of coz many good AND bad things happen. but always believe that all things happen for a reason. always hold on to that.

its so fast, 1 year has past since i took my alevel results.
im not in uni yet. ): sadly, but its OKAY. trust God this year i will enroll into uni .
currently working part-time. relax~ hahaha.

really hope can have a job in govt sector leh.
like can have some experience. considering whether to take up this health promotion board job but only work on sundays, which is my family day. hmms.
still thinking~

and also!! church is moving into SUNTEC THIS SAT!!!!! woohooooo!!
so happy!! i rmb praying for a central place during jw times. really #wheniwasayouth
its like how in the bible the sun stood still for Joshua, God give us SUNTEC!! -WOOHOO!!-
cant explain how excited i am. hee ^^

yesterday at ldr's meet Pst encouraged us to find the people who were our first friends.
really felt so loved by people. looking back, really feel blessed that my sis brought me to church, where strangers were really nice, and strangers became friends, and friends became family.
i dunno where else would i find really good friends that i have now.
people who have totally changed my life, loved me for who i am and believed in me when i couldnt believe in myself.
really grateful.

hugs mean so much to me.

25 October 2010
its been long. reaally long. ♥ 12:35 AM

hello :):)
its been SO LONG since i blogged! serious.
hahahah, im not even signed in on my computer anymore.
blogging is just like talking to myself, seems its been long since i talk to myself hahaha.

okays, recently went cycling with jess! was really fun, thinking of the time i went after o levels,
so long already, crazy man, think that was about the last time i cycled. the last time i rollerbladed, omg.... LOL.
i dont i will ever forget that scene, nor will anyone else who was there. D: T.T Lol.

really thought of alot of things, i think my head capacity has grown hahaha.
yay seah hui grow up liao -clap clap clap-
hahaha, really. like re-examining my life.
i think i can nv find good friends ike those i have. people who i can be comfy with. rare mannn.
really learn how to treasure people around me.
happy to have a good family, and good friends <3

one thing i know for sure, to keep on walking the walk no matter what.

Do not be afraid, only believe.
Mark 5:36

05 August 2010
♥ 1:52 AM

All because I still believe, because I value You.


06 June 2010
pictures ♥ 12:51 AM

suddenly felt like uploading pictures! :D

reminds me of A's. crazy time.

choir loves <3 i miss them!! ):

haha in china. cute picture HAHA.

miss them ): alot alot!!!





ah zeh :D




fav <3

03 June 2010
^^v ♥ 12:14 AM

the only reason you're sad now its only because you choose to be. for as a man thinks in his heart so is he. For truly what you set in your heart to do nth can stop you. No one can help you to be happy, change your perspective and then your life will change ;)

asia conference was a blast! sure learnt and grown alot. <3
love swept me off my feet.
He loves me no matter what,
when the devil was about to auction our bodies off, Jesus bought us from the devil.

nth w/o You <3

28 March 2010
grrr. ♥ 3:37 AM

old me dead and gone.

believing God for greater things to happen in my life.

my eyes and brain tired. busy week ahead.
but shopping with big zeh tomorrow! if we can wake up that is. LOL.
see ya ~

happy birthday bear :)

going to practice guitar nowz. hehe.


01 March 2010
hey;) ♥ 1:48 AM

dont you just feel like a wugui at times?
super cute :D

recently jus went to suntan @ sentosa and got SERIOUSLY BURNT! ))):
it was fun though! :D
i wanna swim again. but i dun think i will go under the super scorching sun to sun tan for awhile.

big zeh is trying to psycho me to use tumblr. maybe i will ;)

(becoz mari kita is playing on channel u, haha)

17 February 2010
chinese new year :0 ♥ 2:36 AM

my throat reeeally hurts):
think its swollen. ouch.
think its because i keep eating heaty stuff.

im blogging now coz im waiting for my painted nails to dry. haha. learn from rosy de. :D

today went out with wk shermin jameston lynette yunchen and michelle.
we walked so much my toes hurt. lol.
we went into cotton on at 3 different branches, vivo, plaza sing and suntec one. haha.
for what i dunno. jameston say got cny sale. hahaha.

tmr going norman house with sweetlings :)
yippee. really pray i can wake up. Lol.
hahaha. thanks qiyi for planning ! :D
mingming's gonna give me mornin call ! yayee.

i was thinking, is it really necessary to have good relationships with your relatives?
like even those who dont give a fly about you?
im wondering how in the world do you get comfortable with talking to pple you only see once a year and they're more than double our age, or less than half my age.
you got to be sociable! mummy says. well, i think its a form of politeness. ok than,
i'll try harder next year. (:

hope my painted nails are dry.
im gonna sleep now.
see ya :D

11 February 2010
wooo :) ♥ 1:03 AM

catched up with shiling today.
wah i miss talking to her haha.
we just talk talk talk and talk. love you girl :)
okay, im going to organize the next e3 girls outing. soon ;)
march, soon yay!

was packing my table, crazy one. sooo messy! Lol.
im about halfway done. not touching my jc notes and things in the drawer, its amazing how much rubbish i have lol. hee.
when i was packing, found some sec school stuff.
i reeally miss peirce): so sad! the simplicity of things back then, well, sort of. haha.

now im not working, just lazing around like crazy, need a job. soon :)
i need good pay(actually not really) and flexible hours.
thinking of rubi. think think.

for now. just ENJOYYYY. hahaha. like pig lor.
everyday sleep at least 9 hours. then this few days i havent been eating properly.
howz. bad bad, like wake up at 2pm, eat at 4pm, dinner time still full. then sleep at unearthly hour then wake up in afternn then cycle continues.

LOL. when i was having exams this was my dream life.
but its reaaally kind of sucky, feel so nua i can just lan tiao.

gonna have many reunion dinners. haha.
looking forward to catching up with close friends :)


03 February 2010
HAHA ♥ 1:47 AM

you wont believe what happened to my phone the other day, serious.

ok story:
At city hall mrt station, me and mingzhen. we were waiting for train, sitting on the bench.
-train comes-
ming: wah lao super alot of pple.
seahhui: yah lor, we wait for not so many pple then we get up k?
ming: ok.
-talk talk talk-
-another train comes-
we -talk talk talk- somemore.
suddenly, ming: eh this train quite empty, want take?
seahhui -run-
then we both run into the train.
i turn around, -gasp!- i heard the pple outside.
everyone looks at the hole(between the train and station)
ming: is that your phone?
seahhui: -franticly search bag- omg, i think it is.
i totally wanted to cry already can!!!

then went back to city hall station, run to cotrol station, tell them.
the staff say: sorry, we cant do anything at the moment.
its like WAH SIAN! then must wait till tomorrow?!
then i asked is it possible to wait till non-peak hour then they help me go down and take,
then they say can, come back in 1 hour.
so ming pei me wait, we went to tcc to chill. haha, like crazy scared my phone kena crushed or break into half or die or fly or explode. [in my head: okok talk bout other thing talk bout other thing] haha, managed to calm down after convincing myself that my phone will be ok.
like super drama lor. LOL.

then go back after one hour. another staff told me tt they havent got permission to go down yet, i was like WTH? then waited for abt half an hour more, the staff who helped me at first came to find us, and


can you believe it? there was no scratches even though it fell out from the casing.
its like a miracle, hahaha.
thank God nth happen or else i dunno how.
also thanks to mz who was there with me the whole time ♥

hee, so long nv blog.
i just stopped working. so now everyday zhuobo at home and go out spend money. hahaha. stupid one. im going to school to see my choir tomorrow! really miss them hee.
well ok better go sleep dont wanna be like zombie tomorrow (:

20 January 2010
decided i want to blog ♥ 12:31 AM

been working almost everyday.
my jacket smells like anaesthesia medicine.

money rolllll.

my eyes tired le i need to sleep.
steamboat tmr <3

09 January 2010
:D ♥ 12:38 AM

hello! i am back from my shopping spreeeeeeee :D
things SUPER DUPER dirt cheap there. ok lah not exactly. but its a steal!
price can go from 130 to 30 by bargaining. how scary is that!! lol.
cool though.

highlight of the trip is the 温泉~! super nice lahhhhh. i want to go againnn.
hee. :)

okok. been working this few days.
i did manicure at zhuhai! BUT im removing it today i am so so sad ):
coz work cannot haveeee. and i drag one day liaoz):):):
okok.. byebye m&m nails. D:

alright, need to wake up early tomorrow. see you (:

01 January 2010
byebye singapore. ♥ 5:51 PM

going to fly off.
10 pm tonight.
going to macau, zhu hai and dunno what parts of china.
dont feel like flying );
all the ear stuck. nose stuck headache and motion sickness. zz.
but happy to spend time with the seahfam :)

bye all.
will be back on 7 jan morning.
wait for my message :)

happy new year.
rather emotionless nowadays.
thanks for all the laughter and the pain.
i pray for a greater year ahead of me. :)

p.s i LOVE my coloured nails, HEE ^^

29 December 2009
apple craze. ♥ 1:31 PM

crazy, really alot of pple using iphone!!
lol. yest met nic ming fen and the rest, out of 10 of us 5 of us had iphone. Lol.
was rather fun :) then when the guys play billard, the girls just keep playing iphone. haha.

the year is ending soon, so sad.
i dun want this year to end! ):
next year. continue holidays~~~
and get a level results.
and go into uni!!

met my primary school classmates recently.
so fun! lol, its been like 6 years since we've seen each other.
crazy leh.
hahahaha. its amazing how we went different places, changed and everything.
:D its funny how some parts of us will never change.
we should do one 10 years later. hahaha.

i need new earphonesssss.
and everybody asking me to cut hair.
finefine! i'm going to cut later with nicole <3

(: now i feel im losing dosage of rosy.
HAHA. hey girl i miss you also!! soon okay. ;)

26 December 2009
merry christmas! ♥ 2:20 AM

just feel like blogging today :)
merry christmas everyone.
its the season of love and giving<3

im so blessed to have a great family.
my sister, always quarrel bout the little-est things, but we're still close as ever :)
mummy, been controling me, but realise she just wanted me and jie to pei her.
today we did! and she was so happy even when i spent so much of her money.
hahaha, im so irritating. hahaha. ;)
daddy just flew back to China to work. i really pray he will fly back to singapore permanently soon): i miss daddy.

was with mel and reena @ dhoby today.
came up with a few theories hahaha.
i cant really remember, LOL.
i think it was sth about cheese and mouse. hahaha.
bought some stuff with them, its really fun to be with them.
<3 (;

service was exciting, fun! drama was reeeeally good.
serious i think they better than mediacorp. HAHA.
and christmas carols are really nice! i wanna sing somemore.
haha, okayy.

now need to move on.

19 December 2009
thoughts to think about. ♥ 12:11 AM

something i've been thinking of.
wouldnt it be great if we could forget things that we dont want to remember?
like selective memory loss. like genuinely forget.
and be happy.
but, what's beautiful is when you remember it in a good way and accept that the world is imperfect. life is after all 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it.
if we keep thinking about our past hurts & unhappiness and drown in them, wont we be miserable for ever?
but its really not easy to move on, i know. but it is a choice, if you set your heart to do something, truly nothing will change your mind or stop you. :)
dunno if you understand. random thoughts.

today going into deep thoughts.
feel abit depressed about my way of thinking recently.
but im not giving up on myself.
i know i can change, i have faith in the God i serve.

well, today i felt happy, excited, fear, sad, insecure, guilty, love, depressed and hopeless, assured, and challenged.
cool. :D

15 December 2009
hehe. ♥ 2:51 AM

dunno what mel and reena doing. i thought it looked funny. haha.

sleeeeeeeeeeep. ♥ 2:47 AM

okay promise to sleep earlIER today.

today met the cg at suntec city, walk with joyce for 15 mins. lol.
so farrrrrrrr omgees.
we ate at astons. super nice lah,
love my lemon lime chicken.
was fun eating with the cg haha. yeaaa ;)

lol feel hungry just thinking bout it.
haha, okay NEED to sleep, dont want to be late for work tomorrw :)
nights bloggie. -_-zzZZZ.